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Servo Injection Molding machine

  • precise and energy saving injection molding machine is the latest product. It is driven by servo motor, fit for production of precise products. Our machine has main advantages as following:

    * Energy Saving
    The pressure and flow differ in each stage of plastic injection. The RPM of the traditional oil pump motor is invariable, so the redundant oil just overflows into the oil and o lot of energy wasted.
    Servo motor injection molding machine is able to control the RPM by computer, thus the hydraulic pressure matches the power needed in run, ensuring the quality of products with lower energy consumption.

    High performance servo motor system, hydraulic components from world famous brand, saves power by 50-80%. Servo motor system with quick response, response time 30-50ms

    * High efficiency
    The efficiency of the traditional electromotor is very low, and the power factor will contribute to the loss of power. However, the servomotor doesn't have this problem and will improve the efficiency by 10% than that of the traditional one.

    * Precision
    Fast response. It takes only 0.03 seconds for the pressure flow to go up. The machines have higher position accuracy (0.1mm) and repeatability than those of traditional machines.

    *With super big tie bar space and clamping stroke, with super big eject stroke

    *With big diagonal type clamping unit design, easy mould open and the clamping unit running fast and smooth

    *Flexible front platen design, with little large-area anit-deformation.

    *With faster heating, and more precise temperature control

    *Two paralyzed pillar guider design, Injection is more stable& precise

    *High-precision hydraulic oil filter system, oil temperature /level instant monitoring

    *Versatile controller with excellent QC monitoring function, temperature detecting function.

    *Hydraulic routes with the fewest bents, welding and with the shortest route

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