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PET Preform Mold

  • Hot runner employs PID controlling system which features automatic compensation and automatic protection, and contrib-utes to the prolongation of lifetime of electric heater;
    The precision of temperature controlling falling within1℃, which ensures to avoid plastic in the hot runner being burnt, resulting in a yield of up to 99% and more;
    Ultra nozzles are designed to be maintenance-friendly. Nozzle tip inserts, heaters, tip insulator, and thermocouples are easily accessible and can be replaced while the hot runner is mounted in the machine, which minimizes down-time and reduces mainte- nance cost.

    The material of core and cavity in mold is top material. All the parts are processed on CNC machine tool with high precision, especially the plate, the error is than 0.05mm.
    All parts are treated by heat treatment strictly, to ensure their intension and life time good enough. After the treatment, the intensive neck ring and core hardness can be HRC48~52, the hardness of cavity can be HRC44~48.

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