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PET bottle blowing machine

  • One.Automatic PET blowing molding machine

    Technical characters:

    1. Automatic preform input and ready bottle output system.

    2. Machine adopt with the overall structure of super-standard anti-vibration design, hingh-speed operation state of the machine will shanke down to a minimum, and ensure that the life of components using will not affected from mechanical vibrtions.

    3. Man-machine interface displays current production situation, available for switching on line, parameter modification and production statistics, with automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and diagnose.

    4. In order to save air, we choose high pressure blowing exhaust recovery system, which can save energy by 10-15%.

    5. Specially designed for energy-saving purpose. Mechanical unit is compact and sound.
        Environmental friendly. Nontoxic conveyor belt to carry performs.

    Two. PET bottle blowing machine working flow


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