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Injection blow molding machine

  • Brief Introduction

    This injection blow molding machine is three station-one step hollw molding machine. It can produce bottles from 3ML-1000ML. It is widely applied in many packing business, such as Pharmaceutics, food, cosmetics , unequal, eye drop, vaccine bottles....

    Technical Features:

    1、Excellent mechanical strength, impact-resisting, and non-cracking bottle mouth and
    2、thread are of precise measurement, enabling 100% close match with the bottle cap.
    3、The weight of the product can be preset with consistency.
    4、The measurement and thickness of the product can meet the requirements of the design
    5、without any deviation. The surface of the bottle mouth and the body is of good luster and smoothness.
    6、No rough selvedge will occur at the mouth or bottom of the bottles, which can save raw material.
    7、There is no joint seam on the bottom of the bottle; and the strength is improved.
    8、The joint seam on the bottle body is smooth.
    9、Accord with GMP authentication requirements



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