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Automatic Energy saving blow molding machine

  • Automatic energy saving blow molding machine characters:

       Three tie bar mold-closing unit, three cylinders for clamping, make the clamping equally distributed and more steady.

       Adopt the liner motion guide to the machine, reduce the friction force, make the motion quicker and increase the precision of the mold closing

       Introduce "quick-charge"and energy saving valve to the hydraulic system, effective reduce to be the lower working temperature, extend the working life of the hydraulic parts, and save 20% to 40% energy power than the normal type.

       Variety of function used for different product technological requirements: bottom blow and lift, rotation,  encapsulation, sub-mould, robot. Parison control system, etc…

    Basic equipment

       Clamping system: fixed "linear guide " clamping structure to ensure mold-lock uniform, knit line smoother

       Extrusion system: hard gear box + import inverter

       Die system: accumulator die head

       Hydraulic system: Famous valve, seal parts and energy saving proportional hydraulic valve integration

       Control system: Import PLC+touch screen, making the operation easy. PLC automatic temperature control model ,automatic malfunction Self-diagnosis alarm

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